We offer language training to individuals and businesses according to the the principle of customizing the training program to meet the wishes and needs of the client. Kieli & Muoto Langerak specializes in an interactive mode of teaching, where the goal is to have the language learner speak the language as soon as possible so that the the learner will be able to use the language independently in authentic situations.

The languages we offer training in are Dutch, English, Finnish and Hungarian. Our principal language trainer is Norman Langerak.


Private lesson
One 90-minute lesson at the client following a curriculum created together with the student beforehand. One of the major benefits of private lessons is that when necessary it is possible to deviate from the original curriculum to take a closer look to certain themes or aspects of grammar. Private lessons can be taken individually or as series of several lessons. At the beginning of the course the specific goals and needs are determined in order to actively and efficiently advance towards these goals during the lessons. Course material is determined on a case-to-case basis. Contact teaching is typically in the Helsinki area, teaching at other locations is possible.

Group training
Typically a 90-minute lesson at the client or at a teaching location arranged by the trainer. A benefit of group training is the possibility to take advantage of natural group dynamics to practice language skills with peers.

Training package
A pre-designed course of ten or more lessons which can include all required course materials and a course plan according to the European CEFR certification system. The simplest way to get started on improving one's language skills!